Hi, my name is
Jörg Tillmann
I am web developer and designer,
web analyst, photographer, nerd.

This is a website about what I like: Pretty things that do stuff. That is why I spend my time coding design and designing code. And I take photos, too.

This is a website about what I do. I hope you enjoy looking around. I certainly enjoyed making it.

Go on, explore.



About me

Work Experience

Peaks & Pies GmbH
I founded Peaks & Pies in 2013 with two former colleagues. We are focused on website optimization and web analytics. In addition to consultancy on the topics of conversion optimization, testing, web reporting and analytics implementation, we develop software: Our work often requires technical solutions and bringing programming experience to the table helps solving problems quicker and better. Since 2013.

DOSB New Media GmbH
I work as the project manager for the new media branch of Germany's Olympic Sports Association. I work closely with various developer teams, employing scrum and agile methodologies. I am responsible for organizing the technical side of the projects, and translating product ideas into development issues and make sure features are delivered on time. 2012 to 2013

Trakken Web Services GmbH
I was a web analytics consultant. I led a number of projects for well-known clients, starting with requirements analysis, a tool selection process and technical implementation support. I also assisted clients in turning the analysis data into actual conclusions. In addition, I developed internal tools and helped shape Trakken's web analytics tool TrakkBoard. 2010 to 2012

Glutenfreiheit is an online health platform I founded with a friend to help celiacs. I am responsible for product design and development. The platform has grown a lot over time and we added features such as a price comparison for products by accessing e-commerce APIs and held numerous sweepstakes by building on marketing via social media. Since 2010.

As a self-employed freelancer I focus on web development and design, but also take interest in photography, print design and analytics consultancy. I have worked for numerous companies on a per-contract basis and worked with many clients directy. Photography projects have also taken me to Morocco and Portugal. Since 2001.

Selected Past Projects
In the past years I have worked on media consultancy projects for companies including Deutsche Telekom AG, Gruner+Jahr / Mondadori, and betterplace.org. During these projects, I worked directly with the companies to develop new product ideas, set up marketing plans and build new tools.

In 2009, during an internship at stern.de GmbH I developed a business model for content licensing and a mobile strategy for the news site. I also built several internal tools, for example to support SEO monitoring.

In 2006, I worked on social bookmarking site Mister Wong during its early days at construktiv GmbH. In that time I also helped to work on the company's traffic monitoring tool Trafficmaxx and built the client-side Javascript code.

In 2005, I joined forces with photographer Eva Scheermesser and founded Cherry Tree Pictures. For two years we offered all sorts of media services from print design to photography and online marketing.


MBA in Media Managment at the Hamburg Media School, 2008 to 2010, Master thesis on User Innovation for SaaS

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media at the University of Bremen, 2005 to 2008, semester abroad at the Queensland College of Arts in Brisbane, Bachelor thesis on media asset management

Key Qualities

I have project management experience, mostly for web-based products.

I am equally passionate about good design and elegant code.

I designed and developed a variety of websites and tools.

I use web analytics as a means to improve user experience.

Founding two companies provided me with entrepreneurial experience.

Whenever possible, I dive into typography and photography.

Technical Skills

Backend programming via PHP, Node.js, Ruby, and various CMS and frameworks

Frontend development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, as well as jQuery, LESS, etc.

Database integration of MySQL and MongoDB

API interaction, mostly OAuth via XML or JSON, e.g. Amazon, Facebook, Google Analytics

Interface design with Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop

Version control with Git and Subversion

Web analytics via Google Analytics, Omniture SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics, etc.